Achieve your peak speed

Elevate your speed to the next level with Speed Technik using world leading intelligent performance technology

The Technology

Speed Technik brings to Perth leading speed and power training technology.

The Coach

Brenton Fielke, a true speed innovator with a mission to unlock athletes full physical potential.

The Programs

To measure, develop and improve your strength, power and maximum speed.

Move Faster. Achieve your peak speed.

Athletics, Swimming, Soccer, Football, Rugby, Hockey. If your sport needs speed, Speed Technik Sprint Coaches are committed to helping you beyond the offerings of traditional training methods. Across Perth Speed Technik offer Sprint Coaching and Assessments, incorporating world leading, smart and effective speed technology.
For Professional Athletes

Speed Technik offers you access to athletic speed performance technology utilised by professional clubs in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA - within sporting organisations including the NBA, National Hockey League, English Premier League, Tennis Australia, French Rugby Union, NFL, Bundesliga.

For the Passionate Sportsperson

Speed Technik is also passionate about supporting any sports person eager to improve their speed. Make use of speed and power technology normally only available to athletes in professional sporting or academy sports programs.

Improve beyond the limitations of traditional training methods.

Brenton Fielke

Sprint Coach

Speed Innovator

I am committed to developing faster and more explosive athletes with leading performance technology, knowledge and sprint training programs.

“Sprint coaching is the art of transforming potential into power, dedication into speed and determination into triumph.”

brenton fielke sprint coach in Perth standing up with 1080 sprint machine on a footy oval in mosman park

Emerging as a Rugby Union winger/ fullback at Wests Bulldogs Rugby, Brenton played for The Queensland Reds, Australia 7’s and Australian Barbarians. Brenton held an AIS scholarship and conjunctly attained his Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Queensland.


Regarded as “an elite finisher on the wing”, Brenton understands the training and skill required to achieve an elite level of speed.

Brenton transformed his passion for sports into a lifelong mission to empower athletes to unlock their full physical potential.

“My understanding of social and sporting dynamics further enriches my approach to guiding children and athletes in sports.

With years of experience from participating in, observing, and coaching sports, Brenton recognises the game-changing impact of speed.


Sprint programs

Speed Profiling

Speed Profiling

Every individual has an optimal speed profile

Measure what makes you fast and what is slowing you down
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Resisted Sprinting

Resisted Sprinting

Improve your power, acceleration and speed.

Good for team sports and track.
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Assisted Sprinting

Assisted Sprinting

Assisted speed technology to limit unwanted fatigue while training at your maximal velocity
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Overspeed Training


Uncover a new top gear !

Programmable overspeed technology to run at a new top speed!
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Change of Direction

Change Of Direction

A sport critical skill

Optimise change of direction ablity with our technology and guidance
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Plateau Buster

Plateau Buster

A short targeted program to help you through a maximum speed plateau
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Foundations of Speed

Develop your child's future athletic self.

A developmental age sensitive program to maxmise future athletic ability and speed

back view of a young man starting to run on a track
girl sprinting

Unleash your potential and feel the difference

Benefits of Speed Technik Sprint Coaching

Speed Technik is committed to assist aspiring athletes swim, sprint and play faster, more safely and for longer.

Understand and engage

Gain detailed performance insights with real-time objective feedback on your speed, power and symmetry after each sprint. Promote open communication with your coach and foster an insightful competitive atmosphere. Boost your understanding and overall performance.

Maximise training outcomes

Maximise your training outcomes with Speed Technik technology and expertise. Individual multifaceted assessments, prescription, implementation and reviews are used to optimise your response to training and athletic performance.


Objective measurement of your speed, power and performance is instantly available and ready to share with your coach and support team. Generation and professional interpretation of accurate performance data assists in the development a collaborative, whole team approach aligned to your individual needs.

Reduce injury risk and support return to play

Ensure safe and effective training for competition by accurately measuring, uploading and reviewing your speed, power, symmetry and limits. Individual performance and recovery baselines are reliably determined and changes objectively interpreted after every sprint.

back view of a young man starting to run on a track
three women on a race track at the start in a stadium ready for a sprint

Anything you want to ask?

Please let us know how we can help you .

Most Popular Questions

Absolutely Yes!. Each person has their own individual approach to sprinting. 

Understanding the mechanics, forces and technique you use, helps us or your coach develop an individualised approach to make you faster. 

Independent speed assessment helps coaches and athletes plan, assess and refine your speed development in an objective and accountable way.

Objective assessment of your speed also allows comparison to other players or positional requirements of your sport.

Your individual data on speed, power and force over distances up to 80m including:
Maximum speed.
Time and distance to maximum speed.
Time and distance you can sustain maximum speed.
Ability to repeat maximum speed.
Balance between left and right strides. 
Left and right stride lengths.
Ground contact times.
Flight time for each stride.
Measurements of power and force you generate at different speed.
Force and velocity profile.
Load and velocity profile.

Speed profiling is included as part of the Plateau Buster and  Foundation Of Speed programs.  It is purchased separately for other programs.

Speed profiling and all speed sessions are completed in 50-60min depending on the type and complexity of session.

Some of these may be conducted individually or as part of a group. Please contact us to discuss further.

Speed profiling is charged at $675 plus GST.  This includes reports on the metrics listed above.

Please contact us directly for pricing on other sessions and programs (e.g. Overspeed, Resisted, Assisted Training, Change Of Direction, Plateau Buster and Foundation of Movement Programs)

Overspeed training is completed worldwide to help athletes develop the coordination for running at speeds slightly greater than they are currently able to achieve on their own. 

The athlete is assisted to run 1-2% faster than their current top speed in an effort to develop the coordination and neural requirements needed for faster running speeds.

Overspeed training needs to be completed in a safe, precise and considered manner. 

It is important to deliver precise measurable assistance to the athlete.

Efforts using rubber tubing or bungee cords are unable to deliver accurate consistent assistance to the sprinter.

The 1080 Sprint is programmable and can deliver the precise assistance at the precise speed required to make use of this training stimulus safely.

In short, overspeed training allows you to run at speeds you cannot currently achieve without external assistance e.g. towing. 

During assisted training, the athlete runs no faster than their current ability. They are towed through various phases of the sprint e.g. the start or acceleration phase to limit development of excess fatigue from these phases and allow more quality/training time at higher natural running speeds.


Data collected by the 1080 Sprint is collected and securely stored by 1080 Motion in Sweden.

You will also be provided with your sprint and speed data following training or assessment sessions.

The 1080 Sprint is portable. We can assess and train in various indoor and outdoor locations throughout Perth.

Contact us to enquire where and when sessions are available.

Our role is to support your speed development. We welcome working with you and your coach to assist you improve your speed.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you and your coaches.

You’re never to young to improve your speed. At a young age, opportunities to run fast, develop age appropriate coordination, balance and strength should be provided in a fun and engaging way, primarily through play based activities.

Windows of accelerated learning opportunities for the development of speed do however present at various ages of development.  Failure to optimise speed development during these windows of opportunity can result in failure to reach your maximum genetic potential for speed.

The use of resisted, assisted and overspeed training can be used in any activity that requires power and speed e.g. swimming. 

The 1080 Sprint can also assist swimmers measure symmetry in their strokes, streamlining and drag as well as other useful metrics. Please contact us to discuss further swimming applications.

Train with elite athletic performance technology used by sporting professionals around the world

The Speed Technik approach will benefit any sport where improvements in speed and power are essential. 






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