140 Years of Queensland Rugby Union

Celebrating Rugby Unions 140th Anniversary in Queensland


How’s this for 140 crack players from 140 years of the code in Queensland.

Brenton Fielke Rugby Union

Brenton Fielke Wests Winger Ballymore Rugby Union

“A great memory of my time playing with Wests Bulldogs.

No better feeling for a back, than running at full pace, scoring tries and reaping the rewards of dedicated and focused speed training.

Our forward pack was formidable and I’m glad I played with them, rather than against them.

Other outstanding fast and talented backs at the Bulldogs, included Wallabies Nathan Grey, Jim William, Paul Carozza and Matthew Pini.

We played with pace and freedom, encouraged by our coaches particularly Wallaby Great – Roger Gould.”


Wests winger Brenton Fielke sets off in attack at Ballymore.

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