Developing Game Speed

Change your game speed and gain the advantage

Speed is critically important to success in team sports.

Watch the FIFA World Championships to see how it has benefited The Matildas and other football teams.

Whilst straight line foot speed is vitally important for those match defining moments, it is only one aspect of ‘Game Speed’, that makes a football, hockey, soccer, rugby or any other team sport player QUICK!

Many factors need to be trained and developed to improve your Game Speed.

Ability to run curves and change direction

Whilst straight-line speed is required occasionally during games, athletes skilled with expansive speed skills, are particularly good at running curved paths, stopping, starting, ‘Changing Gears’ very quickly and are highly skilled at performing whilst changing direction. They understand how speed works for them and work hard to training these functional abilities. .

Repeated sprint ability

‘One Off, All Out’, sprint efforts are only required occasionally in team sports.

Athletes with good game speed, need to be able to run at fast speeds multiple times during a game, recover quickly between fast runs, often whilst still running at slower speeds between high speed efforts.


Good communication on the field can limit the amount of running undertaken during the course of the match, leaving players less fatigued to run at high speeds’s when required.

We have all seen additional unnecessary players chasing the one opponent purely because they haven’t communicated.  Good communication is equally effective in offence to avoid making excessive unfruitful attacking runs.

Game IQ

Developing your ability to understand the game allows you to get a jump on your opponent and either beat them to the ball or win that front position in a contest.

Understanding the game also allows you to find the quickest, most effective ways to run about the field whilst also minimising unnecessary fatigue.

“There are many factors which help a player develop game changing speed. I am always interested to chat further with athletes, parents and coaches about ways in which game speed can be developed.”

Brenton Fielke

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