Overspeed Sprinting-When you need Speed

Want to sprint or swim faster than you thought possible?

It feels like flying!

For anyone who loves to sprint – you know this amazing, adrenaline pumping feeling.

Overspeed Training assists you learn how to move at faster speeds.

Speed Technik Coaches, incorporate speed and power technology in your training session, to gently take you to your top speed and then just beyond.

The specialised training provides you with the extra force needed to turn over your legs and/or arms more quickly, without having to generate it all yourself. 

Busting your gut to drop that time is gone, along with the associated fatigue and injury risk.

The Speed Technik team utilise world leading, safe technology to help you achieve this.

The settings are specific to your metrics and capabiliites. The increments are smooth and seamless across the acceleration, maximal speed and deceleration phases. 

Perform sprints at speeds faster than your top speed. Experience your next level of speed.

In doing so, develop the essential neuromuscular pathways required to attain your speed.

Reinforce these pathways with each repetition. 

Train at high speeds with considerably less fatigue, allowing for safer and more targeted sprints.

Integrated into our sprint coaching assessments and coaching is sprint technology that is safer and far more scientific than downhill running or towing with bungees.

Speed Technik sessions are smart, efficient and very effective, giving you the edge you need to become the athlete you know you can be.

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