A specially designed bespoke program to address stubborn performance plateaus

Uniquely crafted to address a speed plateau and help you reach the next level of performance.

A precision program drawing on our high performance background and developed in collaboration with your Coach.

Molded to your needs through Assessments, Collaboration, and Multi-faceted Interventions.

Four week program designed to help you break a performance ceiling or training rut.

Receive the following support:

• Independent review and discussion regarding your current training, rest and recovery capacities.

• Collaboration with you and your Coach to determine strategies to improve performance.


• Two x 50 min sessions per week using the 1080 Sprint:-
Resisted, Assisted, Overspeed, Change of Direction Training.


• Two x 30 min sessions per week .


• One x 60 min session.

*Please refer to The Speed Profiling Program Tab.
Training Sessions:
50 minutes

Stretching Sessions:
30 minutes

Speed Profiling Session:
60 minutes
Sessions by appointment, within the Perth Metro area.
Please enquire about our Regional opportunities.
Fresh legs, water and sun protection, running spikes or appropriate footwear for speed work.
1080 Sprint Capabilities:

• Continuous resistance range: 1-15 kg

• Maximum resistance in both directions: < 30kg, during maximum 10s and < 45 kg during 3s

• Using a pulley max resistance can be doubled at half maximum speed

• Maximum speed 14 m/s

• Length of line 90m

• Recorded frequency of force, speed and power: 333 samples per second

• Tablet with touch screen interface or laptop
Break through your performance ceiling with Speed Techniks Four week program.

4 weeks : Tailored to your needs.
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