How to Swim Faster

Use world leading technology to swim faster

As a swimmer, improving your speed and power is an important component of your training.  

To supplement swimming sessions, you can complete dry land training outside of the pool to assist develop your general speed and power qualities. 

Using swimming technology in the water is a next level assessment and training tool.

Specialised sprinting equipment is used to enhance athletic performance. Used by a number of high-performance national swimming programs, it provides variable resistance or assistance whilst also mapping force, power and speed. 

While less known, Speed Technik utilises the 1080 Sprint in conjunction with assessment and coaching to help you to swim faster, in a number of ways.


Song says β€˜I can’t stop’ but building up to 8kg of resistance training had us nearly stationary at one point! Spaced it out with some overspeed assistance fun to finish off of course! πŸŠβ€β™€οΈπŸŠβ€β™€οΈ #swimming #swimmingwa #swimmingaus #swimmingperth #swimmingtraining #swimtraining #swimcoach #swimcoaching #swimset #swimwear #sprinttraining #coaching #sportscoach #brentonfielke #speedtechnik #overspeed #claremontpool #hbf #perth #wa #westernaustralia

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Power development

Use of sprint technology on dry land (or in the pool), will enable you to perform explosive exercises for stronger starts, turns and sprints. Working against individually set resistance helps you become more powerful. At the same time your stroke is analysed. Where is your power in your stroke? where do you need to develop?

Assisted or overspeed swimming

Assisting you to swim at faster, more precise speeds. You will be able to develop the motor coordination and muscle recruitment required to swim at a new top speed.


You can be pulled through the water, where changes in drag and force are displayed instantaneously, providing real-time feedback to you and your coach, whilst trialing different streamlined swimming postures.

speed technik swimming data
Immediate feedback after each length. Data captures of 300 units/ second.


The power of your left and right swim strokes is recorded for review by you and your coach.

When you add swim technology to your training sessions in the pool, you get the most important insight to your performance. You no longer guess – but know. Additionally, you know exactly what areas you need to develop. This is validating and enables better use of your time and your energy.

At Speed Technik, we work with you and your coaches to generate your performance data. All you need to do is what you do best – swim!

In an hour you have what you need to make educated decisions as you move forward in achieving your individual swimming pursuits.

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