Resisted Sprinting. Benefits of Sprint Technology

by Brenton Fielke | Speed Innovator

Modern resisted sprinting technology

When it comes to athletic training, sprinting is undoubtably one of the most explosive and challenging activities.

But have you ever considered taking your sprinting training up a notch by incorporating resistance?

This is where sprint technology comes into play, offering a revolutionary way to enhance your sprinting performance and unlock a range of benefits.

Resistance sprinting involves running while dealing with resistance from external sources, such a sleds and resistance bands.

Speed Technik Coaches take this concept to a new level utilising cutting edge technology to provide dynamic and adjustable resistance. 

Incorporating sprint technology into your training regime can be a game changer and provide the following benefits:

Increased power and speed

By introducing resistance during sprinting, your muscles are forced to work harder. As a result, you develop greater lower body power, which translates into improved speed when you sprint without resistance.

Speed Technik Coaches use sprint technology to adjust resistance settings, allowing you to progressively challenge your muscles, leading to more explosive starts and overall faster sprint times.

Real time feedback

Each resisted sprint performed is measured, recorded and displayed.

Metrics including changes in speed, power, force and symmetry of your left and right limbs (amongst other measures), can be provided to you and your coach at the end of each repetition to review your performance, adjust training in real-time and support real-time coaching decisions.

Precise loading during training

When undertaking resisted sprinting, you are safely anchored by a fine cable to the technology. This allows for a precise measurement of the resistance placed on you.

Other types of resistance training such as pulling a weighted sled over the ground are subject to varying friction between the sled and ground making it difficult to determine the actual resisted load you are pulling.

Adjustable load

Science has shown that different sections of each sprint are better trained with different levels of resistance.

Using a weighted sled only allows you to work at the same resistance across the entire length of that sprint.

Technology can be programmed to smoothly adjust the resistance over the course of one sprint allowing optimal loading across the length of that run. 

A game changer

Sprint technology is proving to be a game changer for athletic development and has been adopted by professional sporting teams worldwide.

Providing an opportunity for athletes of all levels in Perth to experience the benefits of sprint technology training.

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