Assisting Para Athletes

Since we commenced using the 1080 Sprint, we have been particularly proud of how we have been able to use the technology with Para-athletes and clients addressing health challenges.

The 1080 Sprint can be programmed to support a wide range of needs, and being portable, can be used in a wide variety of settings.  

It provides precise loads ( less than 1kg gently to very high levels) of assistance or resistance for our health and rehabilitation clients.

To date, our team have used this technology to assist our clients improve their mobility, transfers and to undertake gentle exercise and conditioning activities.  

The technology accurately measures speed, force, distance and power during every use.

Data can be stored, then quickly retrieved for each person, to allow for accurate and effective adjustment of treatment and training loads.

At the higher end of the power, force and speed spectrum, it can be used to develop these attributes, for improved training and performance in wheelchair sports, swimming and athletics – to name just a few.

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